Phinigel TLP Server Leveling for Human Paladin – Freeport

A collection of blog posts documenting the leveling of Xars, a Human Paladin from Freeport, on the EverQuest Phinigel TLP server.

Starting info:
Character: Xars
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Deity: Mithaniel Marr

Level 1 to Level 2
Did the Bard Mail quests from:

Freeport to Kelethin
Butcherblock to Kelethin
Kaladim to Kelethin

Level 2 to Level 3
Did the same Bard Mail quests (Going Postal).

Level 3 to Level 4
Did the same Bard Mail quests (Going Postal).  Each run takes about 18-19 mins for 18% experience at this point.  You also earn 21 gold (6, 6, 9) for each run.  Easy cash and exp to build up your character.  I can live with 1 hour and 40 minutes of leveling time while earning early cash.

EverQuest Next Landmark: Alpha First Impressions

First error: Hit Play on Launcher

C:’Windows/system32\nvspcap64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

Usually not a fan of opening cinematic scenes, but the start video with Dave G was well done.

Character Select

First I maxxed Video options.  I’m using a GTX 275, the lowest required graphics card.  Want to see what max graphics does on lowest card.  Playing in Fullscreen Window mode at 1900×1138 (1200).

Also, selected View Stranger Claims.

Character – xars

Couldn’t get White hair color – I like older looking players, since I’m an older guy.  Couldn’t change height or weight.

In Game

Ata  starting point with other characters.

Hold Left mouse and can move camera, character keeps pposition.  Hold Right mouse and can move camera with toon rotating.

Movement with WASD, but no strafing with QE.

Chat box on lower left, llike normal.

Viewing Stranger claims shows lots of boxes and lines at starting point.

Starting Items

Add Tool

Claim Pack

Stone Axe – 55 Speed and 35 damage – Resource Rating 1.00

Stone Pick – 50 Speed, 45 Size, 30 Damage – Resource Rating – 1.00

Claim flag

Tech commander’s Gear

Courtier’s regalla

Mastercraft Bracer – Legendary Accessory – 10 crafting quality

Founder’s Pickaxe – 80 Size, 70, Speed, 65 Damage – resource Rating 2.00

Tech sargeant’s Gear

Trailblazer Flag

Alpha boost potion – 20% bonus to collecting resources for 2 weeks of real time.

Mega Pocket – Use to increase the size of your personal inventory by five.

Ring of Bounty – Legendary Accessory – 10 Harvest bonus

Void Vault – can be placed in claims to gain access to universal vault network.

Mega Pokcet (Vault) – Increase the size of your vault by five.

Inventory – can sort by Slot, but not by Tier – Tier sorting would help

Map – Initial map looks like only one island.  Red and Blue “dots” – no description.  Guessing activity.

Map – Can see other claims (with video settings).

Map – L ooks like some people have made claims that go partially off the map.

Controls – Cant remap keyboard controls.

Camera – Can’t scroll out away from character.

Compass – no compass except on Map

Map is 3D – Don’t notice until you Right click mouse and move.

Claims – Looks like there are lots of large claims reseverd by the system.  These don’t seem to interfere with player’s making claims.

Map scroll out lets you see the 3D depth of the world.  Very cool.

First claim – NE mountain top.  Had some “air” under the edges of my claim so I could get plenty of vertical building space.

Claim – cost is zero.

When dragging an item, you frequently get a white box instead of the icon. Small bug.

Moving Inventory window, doesn’t change placement permanently.

Sliding down a mountain is very cool.

Resource inventory up to 7643.  Now 11,198. Up to 12,863.  Up to 20,202.  Up to 34,027.

No list of Keyboard controls.

Newbie Tip: When gathering resources, you can see the count, but not your carry limit.  Also, you have no idea how much stuff you need to make an item.  A popup tip would be neat that says, “you should have enough to make a crafting table”; you should have enough to build a small tower; you should have enough to build a small keep; you should have enough to build a large castle..

My Server is Liberation and my Continents is Esker???  (I didn’t know this.)


After gathering, began crafting to increase pick.

First upgrade is Bronze Pick.  My Founder’s Axe can do Tin, Tourmaline.

Next upgrade is Iron Pick.  This is my first crafting item.

Game crashed while trying to change to Gorge Tier 2 island.

But first it seems I had to make a Copper Pick, even thought I had Founder’s.  Made Copper Pick.

Now making Stone Forge. 15 copper ingots, 10 Elemental Copper and 2000 Stone.

Now making Copper Reinforced Saw Table.

Making Bronze Pick.

Exceptional Bronze Pick: Legendary Pick; Resource Rating 3.00; Allows Iron, Aquamarine and metals and gems.  Size 129.24, Speed 107.76, Damage 65.02

Iron Pick:

Burled Wood Plank – 3 = 300 Burled Wood

Aquamarine Gem – 45 (Tier 2 gemstone)

Elemental Iron – 15

Plain wood Plank – 30 = 3000 Plain Wood (100 each)

Iron Ingot – 15 (Tier 2 Metal)

Crafting Stations You can make after Stone Forge and Copper Reinforced Saw Table:

From Stone Forge:

Marble Forge: Tungsten Ingot (Tier 3 Refined Metal); Elemental Tungsten (Tier 3); Iron ingot (Tier 2 Refined); Worked Marble (Tier 3 Stone Refined)

From Saw:

Tin Trimmed Work Bench:

Elemental Tin (Tier 1 Mining) – 20

Tin ingot (Tier 1 Metal Refined) – 35 =

Copper ingot (Tier 1 Metal Refined) – 15 =

Plain wood Plank (Tier 1 Wood refined) – 50 = 5000

Roughwork Sifter:

Silver Ingot (Tier 2 Refined) – 10 =

Jute (Tier 1 Plant from Wood) – 50

Plain Wood Plank – (Tier 1 Wood refined) – 100 = 10,000 (100 each)

Logged in after the server crash and my claim had been replaced in my inventory.  Someone had taken my spot, so I left to find some new land.


EQNext (EverQuest Next or EQN) has been officially announced!

SOE has finally announced EverQuest Next!

Here’s the Sony website:

And here is the Development Team and their Twitter handles.

David Georgeson @DaveGeorgeson Director of Development
Terry Michaels @terryjmichaels Senior Producer
Rosie Rappaport @Rosierap Art
Darrin McPherson @TaliskerDev Leader Game Designer
Jeffrey Butler @JButlerSOE
Steven Klug @StevenKlug

Official information will be released on August 2, 2013 at SOE Live.

EQ Test Server: Play for Free as a Gold Member

I returned to EQ because I could 3-box on the Test server for free. If you don’t know, EQ has gone Free to Play (F2P). But the real news for multi-boxers is that you can play EQ on the Test Server at the Gold Membership level.

What’s nice about this?

Well for one, you get access to the Journeymen Mercs. So I’m 3boxing and using 3 Mercs. All for free.

On Live, you’d have to have 3 accts and that’s $45 per month.

So if you want to play casually in off-hours, having access to mercs and using multiple accounts, this is easy (and cheap). Not to mention that there’s no AA cap!

Here’s a Reddit post with info: